Tokyo Chopp [prod. Lord ~ Kyo] [ft. Shiki​(​TMNS​)​]

by Hentai Dude

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Siscon R&B


[Verse 1 : Shiki(TMNS)]
Wanna be with you, mitsu
I'm obsessed but you don't have a clue
How onii chan feels when I sniff your pantsu
Might seem overzealous know this coming out tha blue
But i always get jealous when somebody text you
Even when i'm with the fellas all im thinkin bout,
My imouto chan What else can a nigga do?

I express my love in each and every way,
Senpai borderline yandere,
She looks moe in cosplay but in casual clothes,
Shawty still the same Now im growing deranged,
Tryin to cope with the pain,
Of hiding my love, swear this shit's a shame
Feel high like a dove when She's calls my name,
But lower than Satan when she leave mane

Im the ecchi kami, can't stop me,
live in a moving castle, you can ask Miyazaki or my nigga Tortoro
Gettin ecchi with a loli call her princess Mononoke,
cuz she always bad ass with her onii

Im the real sis con king not a phony,
while these other weeaboo mother fuckers just trollin,
on shota shit, senpai give her dick,
then afterwards never wanna leave my grips

Yeah yeah nigga that's the gameplan
Killing weaboos like Son of Sam,
Got an ecchi clan filled with lolis man
Niggas say I should stop don't give a damn

And that's real talk, it aint my fault,
That imoutos attack me like an onslaught
Just praying dawg that I don't get caught,
With yo sister man with her pantsu off

Or I could get a felony, like, and that's not cool
Uhm.. This is parody music guys, you know
Just having fun, we protect the lolis, we protect the imoutos
Except in certain cases, those are special

[Verse 2 : Hentai Dude]
Uh, Shiki kill that shit
Doujinshi on the beat
I got yo shawty on my dick

While we ridin round tokyo, we tryina hit a lick
team imouto, moe gang is what we reppin while we dip

Yeah I'm tryina stack that yen, anime girls, i'm tryina get in
2d shawty, hop in my benz, I don't care, just bring yo friends

Girl I'm tryina come and chill wit you
Flip a doujin in the bed, i'm readin manga till its two
Tell me that you lovin senpai, girl I'm knowin that it's true
Cuz you actin all moe, and vanilla in my view

So this one's for them waifus
Straight 2d flexin, my laifu
If you fuck wit hentai, you my dude
Let the beat ride out, keep it nice and smooth, yo

[Cue Bible Black Sample]
Hentai Dude : Hello? Yeah I got a question, do you really think you like me?
Shiragi : But darling, I don't understand why you're asking such a thing
Hentai Dude : Well I mean you know, it's just because I'm 3d and your 2d, you know we--
Shiragi : The truth is that I actually love you
Hentai Dude : oH.. oh you love me? Yeah I don't know about that, we're kinda pushin it a little too fast, we might need to... slow it dow--
Shiragi : You're so mean, my feelings are not a fake
Hentai Dude : nO no, I didn't mean it like that
*muffled crying*
Hentai Dude : i'm sorr-, bae, bae, no, bae, bae, wait

(10/10 voice acting)

Got my 2d shawties with me
And this 2d world to see
It's like an anime, I be
With my kouhais, keep it g

Team Imouto x Moe Gang, 2015
Shoutout Doujinshi, for making this beat
You're a god in your own dimension
May the anime girls be with you


released March 1, 2015
Producer : Lord ~ Kyo (@MaxxKyo)
Producer : Doujinshi (@doujinshe)
Featuring : Shiki(TMNS) (@outcastotaku)



all rights reserved