3D Hoes Ain't Loyal [ft. Shiki​(​TMNS​)​]

by Hentai Dude

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Big shoutout to Shiki for helping me make this on such short notice, appreciate it homie B)
Original Song : Loyal - Chris Brown [ft. Lil Wayne, French Montana / Tyga]


[Verse 1 : Hentai Dude]
I wasn't born last night
I know these 3d hoes ain't right
But senpais phone was blowin up last night
Had to tell these 3d hoes, I'm only 2d all night, ohhh

Senpai that's that nerve
She tell me while she grabbin on my arm like it's her world
Why get a 3d hoe when u can get these 2d girls
Main senpai of the game, my body pillows out this world
i'm the shit, ohh

Senpai that's that nerve
You all about yo 3d girl, but she about hers
Yung hentai dude, chillin up in this, no flamingos
And i just figured out my autotune, so fuck these hoes, lil b

[Chorus : Hentai Dude]
When a rich hentai want you
And yo senpai can't do nothing for you
3D hoes ain’t loyal
3D hoes ain’t loyal
Yeah yeah

[Verse 2 : Hentai Dude]
Just got rich… took you waifu and yo bitch
I can yo 3d bitch rich… but i don't wit 3d bitches
Got my body pillow and she chillin with me
I took her to the bay with me
Eyes closed readin hentai manga
Rollin up the pantsu, I’m hentai rasta

She sayin I’m a thug (thug)
Hentai master I’m the one (that's me)
She wanna see a senpai trap
She wanna fuck all the rappers

[Chorus : Hentai Dude]
When a rich hentai want you
(want you baby)
And yo senpai can't do nothin for you
(nothin.. noo)
3d hoes aint loyal
3d hoes aint loyal
(yeahh yeahh)

[Verse 3 : Shiki(TMNS)]
I'm in love with little sisters,
give her head pats then a senpai might kiss her,
No questions asked she my sis by blood, full relation,
Don't need your bitch got imouto love
All 3DPD hoes wanna use a mother fucker,
Onii keep it 2d i don't need to use no rubbers
keep doujins like 8 stacks,
call your imouto bet she come over ASAP
Eating pocky off her stomach yeah she like that,
Her onee chan found out now she jealous
In a maid cafe catch me throwing racks
Steal imoutos all the time I don't need to flex bitch
3d hoes ain't shit, 2d loyal as shit
Pick her up in a mech, fuck her in the cock pit,
Doujinshi on the floor stacked like a mountain,
keep it all in the family yeah I'm fuckin with my kin (haaah)
Yeah its every loli's onii chan
Treat me like her favorite car wanna ride their nii san
Different kouhai every day, keep them in rotation,
One day gonna have a country filled with sis cons
3d hoes not loyal always rotatin
She always call me onii like she think I'm Satan
She try to be all tsun when i keep her waitin,
But she always dere dere when her onii fuckin
(Chuckles) that's some real shit,
All my real sis cons know they feel this,
Had to throw my swag back on
Tell em put them knee socks back on, Hentai!!

[Chorus : Hentai Dude]
Come on, come on
2D why you frontin’
Baby show me something
When I call her, she gon’ leave
And I bet that 2d girl ain’t gon cheat
Come on, come on, 2d
Why you frontin’?
Baby show me something
You done spent your hentai on her
And it’s all for nothing


released February 12, 2015
Hentai Dude : soundcloud.com/kore-wa-hentai
Shiki(TMNS) : soundcloud.com/thetmns/



all rights reserved